To Rome with Love: Travel Essentials and a DIY Recipe

30 May

Ciao friends,

Lina and I are going on a little vacation! We are headed to the eternal city of Rome (Italy of course) to see old friends and visit special places.

Before we leave though I wanted to share with you some of the essentials we will be taking with us to ensure we stay feeling great and looking our best.


Not mentioned below: I always bring Larabars or some other high protein, all natural bar. I also always bring reading material. This month’s Organic Spa magazine came just in time!

Every time I fly I bring with me a specially curated “travel kit”, which is made up of a series of items that keep me hydrated, fresh. . . and ultimately combat the inevitable ‘icky’ feeling that goes along with flying.

My travel essentials kit includes:

  • rose water sprayHave you ever seen those Evian water misters that are supposed to fix all of life’s great needs? Well instead of buying expensive water in a spray can, take my advice and spritz your face with rose water. Its a whole lot cheaper and ACTUALLY works to hydrate, cool, and soothe irritated skin (make sure liquids are under the regulated 100ml/100gm/3.4oz).
  • natural face/ all purpose wipes- When traveling over multiple time zones and taking red eye flights we often lose track of time and our daily routines, including removing make-up! Just because you are on a plane does not mean you should drop your skincare routine. These handy wipes conveniently cleanse the face, ensure pores remain clear and you don’t wake up with an unwanted breakout.
  • moisturizer/ serum- Flying is so dehydrating and takes a toll on our skin which leaves us looking dull and tired. Staying hydrated with plenty of water and plenty of moisturizer is a must for long flights (samples from your favourite natural beauty stores and spas work perfect for this).
  • lip butter – Hydration, hydration, hydration, need I say more? Keep those lips smooth for when you apply that hot fuschia lip colour upon arrival.
  • Stress Relief aromatherapy oil (recipe below)– Aromatherapy is such a fantastic tool to combat ailments. I have created this blend of lavender, rosemary, mint, and bergamot for soothing stress, irritability, and fatigue –all of those terrible feelings that go along with flying.
  • greens powder– When you are surrounded by subpar airport and plane food, these little packs of wheat grass, spirulina, and chlorella pack a strong punch to keep the body alkalized and functioning optimally.
  • vitamin C/ immune booster powder – We all know flying taxes our immune system, I add these packs to water to give my body a boost of minerals and vitamins (Sisu Ester-C Energy Boost is great since it is naturally derived and free of refined sugars).
  • magnesium supplement- This is my ultimate secret for flying. I take this right before I want to sleep and it aids the body in relaxing muscles and nervous system. I use Natural CALM which is added to water. . . and tastes like Rasberry-lemon!
  • organic herbal tea– When flying drink tea, not coffee! Coffee dehydrates the system, over stimulates and can cause excess acid. . . all things you want to avoid when flying. Teas like mint and ginger help to aid upset stomachs and calm the system to ensure you get that much needed rest. David’s Tea makes these great little travel tins that can also used over and over.

Stress Relief Aromatherapy Oil


Rosemary, bergamot, and peppermint boost mood, and helps to combat stress, headaches, and tension. Lavender helps to relax and calm the mind.

  • glass rollerball applicator (you can find these at health food stores, I found mine at The Big Carrot in Toronto)
  • 5 drops of bergamot essential oil
  • 5 drops of lavender essential oil
  • 5 drops of peppermint essential oil
  • 5 drops of rosemary essential oil
  • carrier oil like sweet almond or jojoba (enough to fill the applicator)

This is so simple, all you need to do is remove the rollerball top, fill up the applicator with your carrier oil, leave about 1/8th of an inch of room at the top and add essential oils directly into bottle. Insert rollerball top back on, screw on lid and gently shake.

Application: rub a little on pressure points (temples and wrists) or massage a little into the back of the neck. My favourite is to roll a little onto my palms, rub hands together, cover nose and breath deeply.

Arrivederci until we meet again, enjoy the sunshine and safe travels wherever you may go!

– Seanna

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