DIY Holiday: Gift Wrapping and Body Butter Bars

11 Dec
DIY Holiday Gifts

Body butter bars are molded into the shape of candies, wrapped in shiny tissue paper, and packaged in a Christmas cracker

Sometimes the gift wrapping is better than the actual gift. . . sometimes. In this case I would say it is equally as good. A few week ago I hosted a natural beauty workshop where I showed the participants how to make body butter bars. This recipe is so simple and versatile that I thought I would share it with you and show you how to make it into great holiday gifts!

Body Butter Bars:

50 g beeswax

50 g cocoa butter

50 ml olive oil (can be substituted for any oil)

2-3 drops of vitamin E oil (optional)

10-15 drops of essential oils (I love lavender and vanilla)

1. In a double boiler melt beeswax and cocoa butter. Add olive oil and heat on low until mixture is liquid.

2. Take off of heat, add essential oils and whisk in vitamin E oil (optional)

3. Pour in ice cube trays or (molds of choice) and let harden for 30-60 minutes.

DIY Body Butter Bar, cocoa butter

These body butter bars are made using mini soap molds

For wrapping you will need:

– toilet paper rolls

– shiny wrapping paper

– tissue paper

– ribbon

– glue

Wrapping paper, ribbon, tissue paper

1. Cut, and glue wrapping paper around the toilet paper roll, cropping paper so that it is flush with the ends.

2. Next, cut tissue paper so that it is about double the length of the toilet paper roll. Roll paper lengthwise and insert into the toilet paper roll. You may wish to dab a little glue on the inside of the roll so that the tissue paper says in place.

3. Insert the body butter bars or other gifts into the roll. Fasten each end with ribbon, and voila! Gift wrap complete!

DIY gift wrapping, Body Butter

Body Butter, Candy, Lip Balm

Candy wrapped body butter and lip balm sticks are the perfect size to fit into the Christmas crackers

Tips: use a mini muffin tin as a mold to make round candy- shaped body butter disks. You can use the same body butter recipe to make lip balm sticks. Just use peppermint essential oil (instead of other fragrances) and pour into empty lip balm tubes.

Happy Holiday crafting! What DIY gifts are you making this year?

2 Responses to “DIY Holiday: Gift Wrapping and Body Butter Bars”

  1. Tracey Ramsey December 28, 2013 at 12:53 PM #

    Loving your blog and want to try some of the recipes- but not sure where to buy good quality ingredients in my area. Do you know where I could purchase them in Windsor? Thanks

    • oceanspotions January 5, 2014 at 12:00 PM #

      Thank you Tracey! That is a tough one. You should be able to find a lot of the oils and essential oils in the health food section of the Superstore (Walker Rd). If you know of any health food stores (equivalent to a Noah’s in Toronto), than you should be able to find oils and beeswax there. Otherwise your best bet is to order online. Canada has a few distributors that carry a lot of supply. One is out of BC and is called Voyageur Soap and Candle. Hope this helps!

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