5 New Year’s Resolution for your Beauty Regime: Part 2

22 Jan

Hi Lovelies,

This is Part 2 of Resolutions for your Beauty Regime! If you missed Part 1, check it out here.

It's a new day, new year!

It’s a new day, new year!

To recap: The Globe and Mail recently posted an article on how to freshen up your beauty routine for the new year, but since all of the product suggestions were full of nasty chemicals I am adding my own natural twist for you lovely readers! Let’s pick up where we left off:

3. Man up

The article says:

“If the guy in your life is prone to depleting your jar of La Prairie, it’s time to return the favour and pinch his products as well.”

You may not be scrambling to share aftershave with the men in your life, but this year masculine scents are definitely popular for women. Before you run out to your local department store for that unisex perfume, opt for the real thing. Look for essential oils like patchouli, lavender, frankincense, and bergamot to get a spicy- woodsy scent. Mix 10 to 20 drops of your desired essential oil(s) in 1/8 cup of a carrier oil like sweet almond or jojoba oil, and put into a roller ball bottle for an all- natural, bespoke scent.

Roller ball perfume

A unisex scent can be easily created using a roller ball bottle, carrier oil and essential oils.

4. Break the Beauty Rut

The article says:

“Arriving at a hair and makeup routine that works can make getting ready less stressful but following that tried and true pattern day after day can lead to a beauty rut.”

I agree! This is especially true for me in the winter when all I really want to do is cozy up in an oversized sweater with my hair up. Finding a little inspiration for new products, hairstyles and looks can help you break free from the rut! The article suggests trying a beauty box subscription which is a convenient way to test new products; you don’t even need to leave your house! Each month a specially curated selection of products gets delivered to your door for you to enjoy. Unfortunately I am yet to find a good natural beauty subscription box that delivers to Canada. If you know of one, please tell me! In the meantime, let me offer you a few fantastic online stores to peruse. I guarantee that you will not be able to look without wanting to try at least one hot new colour or product.

Eco Diva     Clementine Fields     Fresh Faced     Spirit Beauty Lounge

Also, don’t forget to check back regularly at Oceans & Potions for natural beauty inspiration. And as always, if you have any specific questions about products, or need any special recommendations, please ask!


Try something new! When I first started wearing red lipstick it was a shock, but now I can’t get enough of bold, bright colours.

5. Repair that Hair

The article says:

“Asking many women to forsake their blow driers and flat irons is like asking Kanye to stop being obsessed with, well, Kanye. Instead, protect hair from styling trauma (and repair it if need be).”

Try these key tips to save your mane!

1. Prepare hair with a heat protector: Put down that silicone-based serum and use Yarok’s Feed Your Ends Leave in Conditioner. This lightweight spray loaded with vitamins, minerals, and essential oils actually helps to nourish your hair while protecting it from the heat.

2. Deep condition hair once a week: Masks are not only for damage control. A regular deep conditioning treatment can help keep your hair healthy, making it stronger to resist damage from styling tools.

No need for fancy hair masks though, use coconut or argan oil. To use, wet hair and slather oil all over strands, (massaging into scalp if it is dry). Next, wrap hair in a hot damp towel and let sit for 15-30 minutes. Rinse and shampoo. If using coconut oil you may have to wash your hair once more in the morning if it appears to be bit greasy. Lastly, do not comb your hair immediately after washing. Wait 10-15 minutes and use a wide- tooth comb. This will help to prevent breakage.

That’s a wrap! 5 resolutions to revamp and refresh your beauty routine.

What new products are you dying to try this year?


2 Responses to “5 New Year’s Resolution for your Beauty Regime: Part 2”

  1. Garcy January 24, 2014 at 9:32 AM #

    Thanks for the mention lady! Great New Years Resolutions!

    • oceanspotions January 24, 2014 at 10:01 AM #

      Thank you! I love Eco Diva, it’s a fantastic site!

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