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Choose Love

27 Feb

Hi Beauties,

As the month of February wraps up, I want to encourage you to do one small thing: choose love. I know, I know, we hear this all the time–songs and greeting cards have been declaring this message for decades. Most often though the one thing that our love neglects is our self.

Choose Love Every Day

You may also be thinking, “I love myself, I have pretty good self esteem, there are no issues”.  This might be true, but you may be missing those tiny moments in the day when you catch your reflection in the mirror and think, “ugh, that pimple is disgusting” and “my hair is terrible”. Or maybe you see someone next to you at the gym and think, “her legs are so much nicer than mine” and “bleh my butt is so gross”. You may think that these are just fleeting thoughts that don’t really mean anything, but they do.

These little thoughts derive from fear. Just think about that for a moment.

It may be fear that you will be found unattractive, fear that your current situation will not change, fear that you will be judged, fear that you will not be loved. Gabrielle Bernstein, popular author and speaker, interprets fear as:

False, Evidence Appearing Real

The next time that you say or think unloving things about your self, acknowledge it (with no judgment), and resolve to choose love instead. Try these two affirmations:

“Love did not create this [thought, idea, etc.] .”

“I am willing to see love.”

And if a change is actually needed in your life– for your health or well being, instead of entering the process in a state of unlove and fear, by entering into it with love, your results will be extraordinary.

This might all sound like a bunch of gobbledygook, but just trust me and give it a go. You might even see your energy increase, blemishes clear, and skin glow–all because there is no room for stress and anxiety in that body of yours.

A little love can go a long way!

xx Seanna

P.S. If you haven’t already, get on the ‘Spread Beauty, Spread Love’ bandwagon and  give a gift, write a note, treat a friend . . watch the video here and share with all of your friends #SpreadBeauty @oceans_potions

If this inspired you, tweet this:

“Choose love every day and mountains will move to get you to where you want to go.” via @oceans_potions #selflove

3 simple ways to kick start your skincare routine

18 Feb

Are you someone who never devotes time to a skincare routine because you think that it takes too much time, or costs too much money? Maybe you know someone who thinks this way (if so, share this post). Your skin does not have to suffer as a result of your schedule. Here are 3 simple things that you can do to kick start your skincare routine to make it more effective in no time, and at no cost!

Kick start your skincare routine

Give your skincare a kick start!

1. Quit washing your face in the morning. If your face is always tight after washing and you deal with dry skin but don’t have time to find a new moisturizer or cleanser, try washing only at night and see how your face oils balance out. Alternatively, if your skin is extremely oily, try this as well! You may be over washing which can cause your skin to produce more oils to compensate for what you are scrubbing away. Instead of cleanser in the morning, just splash a little water on your face and apply a moisturizer as usual.

2. Sprinkle a little baking soda in your cleanser. If you don’t have time to go searching for an exfoliator, or don’t want that extra step, trusty baking soda can act as an excellent gentle scrub. Don’t even own a cleanser? Add a splash of water instead (enough to make a paste with the baking soda). You can do this nightly, or 2-3 times per week.

3. Apply moisturizer on damp skin. When moisturizer is applied to damp skin it helps to trap water on surface cells and acts as a barrier for moisture loss. Thus making your moisturizer more effective without even having to switch it!

Do you have any skincare ‘hacks’ that simplify your routine ? Please share!

Also, if you haven’t already, don’t forget to watch the Spread Beauty video and join the movement to spread a little love and beauty to everyone you know! If you find it inspiring, please share using #SpreadBeauty

Spread Beauty, Spread Love

11 Feb

Do you have someone in your life that spends so much time on others that they barely have time to take care of themselves? Or, someone who thinks that they don’t deserve to be pampered, it’s too expensive, or too self indulgent? Well, I certainly do and nothing brings me greater joy than treating others to things, or experiences, that they would not buy, or do, on their own.

“Self Care does not mean self indulgence.”

Ever since I was a little girl I have been interested in ‘beauty’ rituals – whether it was sneaking to use my Mom’s mascara, or (attempting to) cut my friends’ hair. It has always been a part of me and I have always taken the time to care for my physical well-being because I know that it has an effect on both my mental and emotional state. It’s not always about looking beautiful (as society might judge), but rather about feeling beautiful, relaxed, cared for, and comfortable (like simply using a exfoliating scrub to get rid of itchy, dry skin).

To me, spreading beauty is about caring for those around me. I am not a nurse or a doctor like others in my family, but beauty is my tool to care for others; to spread love and inspire self confidence.

February is the month of love and I want to charge all of you with a mission: Spread Beauty, Spread Love

Whether it is through a note to a friend expressing why you think she is beautiful, a gift of pampering beauty products, or a gift certificate to a spa, treat a loved one (or a stranger) and show them you care!

Invite others to join the movement by sharing this video!

Share with me on Twitter, Facebook, or Instagram  how you are spreading beauty! Use #spreadbeauty

xx Seanna

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