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Spread Beauty, Spread Love

11 Feb

Do you have someone in your life that spends so much time on others that they barely have time to take care of themselves? Or, someone who thinks that they don’t deserve to be pampered, it’s too expensive, or too self indulgent? Well, I certainly do and nothing brings me greater joy than treating others to things, or experiences, that they would not buy, or do, on their own.

“Self Care does not mean self indulgence.”

Ever since I was a little girl I have been interested in ‘beauty’ rituals – whether it was sneaking to use my Mom’s mascara, or (attempting to) cut my friends’ hair. It has always been a part of me and I have always taken the time to care for my physical well-being because I know that it has an effect on both my mental and emotional state. It’s not always about looking beautiful (as society might judge), but rather about feeling beautiful, relaxed, cared for, and comfortable (like simply using a exfoliating scrub to get rid of itchy, dry skin).

To me, spreading beauty is about caring for those around me. I am not a nurse or a doctor like others in my family, but beauty is my tool to care for others; to spread love and inspire self confidence.

February is the month of love and I want to charge all of you with a mission: Spread Beauty, Spread Love

Whether it is through a note to a friend expressing why you think she is beautiful, a gift of pampering beauty products, or a gift certificate to a spa, treat a loved one (or a stranger) and show them you care!

Invite others to join the movement by sharing this video!

Share with me on Twitter, Facebook, or Instagram  how you are spreading beauty! Use #spreadbeauty

xx Seanna

Lessons from Rose-Marie Swift

1 Dec

A few weeks ago at Husk , I had the opportunity to meet makeup artist and RMS Beauty creator, Rose-Marie Swift. Needless to say, I was very excited! Ever since RMS products became available in Toronto, I have become somewhat of a devout user. It’s all about the creamy texture and silky smooth application.

With Rose-Marie Swift at Husk

Naturally, I would like to believe that Rose-Marie Swift had me in mind when she created her line. Okay, maybe not ME specifically, but after overcoming health problems as a result of years working with chemical makeup (lead, mercury, and cadmium had actually accumulated in her body!), she created RMS as a way for women to “claim their right to healthy beauty”. RMS products are made with nutrient dense food- grade ingredients, like coconut oil and cocoa butter, that nourish and heal the skin.

RMS beauty products are made with pure and natural ingredients including coconut oil, cocoa butter, jojoba oil, rosehip oil, and essential oils

When Rose-Marie sat me down for the makeup application I didn’t realize how much I would learn.  The Husk staff and I were mesmerized by everything she said; de-bunking age-old makeup myths, and explaining how to use her products in the most optimal way. It’s not everyday that you get to learn how to use products in the same way that the creator intended.

Chat with RMS

Getting some wise beauty advice from Rose-Marie Swift

Now, unfortunately I can’t write about everything I learned, (there was just too much!), but I will share one beautiful tip.

The “un” cover-up was my first RMS purchase. At the time, I was looking for a product for my ever-present under eye circles. Ever since using it, the product has worked ‘okay’, but not magically (as I had hoped). I have always thought that the lightest shade ’11’ was a bit too dark, and instead, I wanted something lighter to brighten up the eye area. Well, let’s just say I got a verbal slap on the hand for that opinion. Turns out using a cover-up that is ‘too light’ is a very outdated look and should remain with Kim Kardashian. Instead, lightly apply RMS living luminizer  underneath the eye before the “un” cover-up and, voila! no more dark circles!

Bye-bye dark circles!

Rose-Marie also dished that she was launching a new cover-up palette in salmon shades. Despite my disbelief, these pinkish hues offset the grey and brighten the whole under-eye. Until that comes out, she told me to mix a touch of the lip2cheek  in Smile with the “un” cover- up to get the same effect. Perfection!


“un”- cover up + lip2cheek in ‘Smile’ = no more dark circles

Have you tried RMS Beauty? What are your favourite products?

A Week of Beauty

14 Feb

Despite the perils of Snowmageddon, I dedicated last week to local beautification around the city… And as you will see, Toronto never disappoints.

Thursday soiree at BlushPretty:

I mustered up the courage to brave the storm and meet Seanna for Blush Pretty’s *fabulous* shopping event . After a warm welcome from the lovely ladies of this exquisite little boutique, we began testing a wide variety of specialty cosmetics… at a special price! I’ve heard only good things about Lippy Girl so you can imagine my excitement when I discovered their new collection:

From left to right: Boss Lady, Ski Bunny, Schmoopy, Fancy Pants, P-Bomb, Snog Me, Surf Betty and Son of a Brick

Lippy Lips – Vegocentric Organic Vegan Lipsticks

The vegocentric line of lipstick is cruelty free with organic ingredients that leave the lips super moisturized with a hint of gloss. In fact, the formula was so hydrating that I was surprised to find beeswax and shea butter alongside typical moisturizing agents like jojoba, grape and castor seed. The packaging is simplistic and the colour selections are practical. I opted for “Boss Lady” which is a deep red with a creamy texture that doesn’t bleed. I’ve been wearing it on top of a coconut oil primer to avoid flaking on drier days like today.

I was also pleased to discover Freedom Glow Beauty Balm was in stock! This all-over balm enhances natural radiance on lips, cheeks, and even eyes without harsh chemicals or solvents. I nabbed a charming pink – appropriately named “Blushed” – that I could instantly wear at work, at play, spring, summer, and winter. Again, I was shocked to see that beeswax was listed as a key ingredient! In my own DIY endeavours, I’ve always found that adding a waxy solid like beeswax to moisturizers would actually strip the lotion of moisture despite it’s soothing properties. On the contrary, Revolution’s product successfully distributes even pigmentation onto various areas of the face while maintaining a hydrating consistency without compromising purity. This is a testament to the master craft of the brand – truly revolutionary!

Skin : Eminence Tinted Moisturizer in Caramel LatteLips & Cheeks: Revolution Organics Beauty Balm in Blushed.

Skin: Eminence Tinted Moisturizer in Caramel Latte
Lips & Cheeks: Revolution Organics Beauty Balm in Blushed.

Saturday appreciation at 889 Yoga:

In addition to our mid-week shopping extravaganza, we attended a joyous celebration graciously hosted at 889 Yoga by Holistic Nutritionist Extraordinaire, Joy McCarthy. This was my first time both hearing Joy speak and visiting the trendy new yoga loft, complete with wellness spas and a studio boutique! The event featured Joy-approved goodies like gluten-free cupcakes and donuts from Tori’s Bakeshop, swag bags including generous samples of Tonica Kombucha and greens+, as well as other really great giveaways. I also nabbed the very last bottle of my preferred nail colour by Karma Organics (which I promise to review soon). . . I guess you can say it was meant to be ❤

It was an utterly luxurious week for holistic living in the GTA. I can’t wait to re-visit the wonderful speakers and vendors within this lovely community.

Wishing all you beauties a Happy Valentine’s Day!

– Lina

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