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Skin, Hair & Body Profile – Seanna

7 Feb

For those of you who do not match Lina’s profile from last week, perhaps you can find some common ground when it comes to my fair, sensitive skin and the products I use to care for it.


  • Face- Dry, sensitive skin with occasional breakouts. My skin is a token of my Scottish/British heritage. I have a fair complexion, with slightly pink undertones and I am prone to burning and freckles. Because my skin craves moisture, I have a slight obsession with things like oils, steam rooms… even foggy days! I still get occasional breakouts and clogged pores – usually on my nose and chin – despite my skin’s tendency to be dry. I am quite sensitive to certain products, most often those that are chemically derived, yet I require plenty of moisture and sunscreen in my skincare routine. Keeping my skin moisturized not only protects and nourishes, but also keeps acne breakouts at bay. I typically use an aloe-based cleanser, gentle exfoliant, rose water toner, facial oil, moisturizer, and of course a mineral sun block (all year round). This is an extensive approach yet mandatory for keeping my skin hydrated and free of acne, sun damage, and premature aging (all things to which*sigh* my skin type is prone).
  • Hair –Straight and fine. My hair is easy to manage; dries straight and smooth. It lacks volume however, and gets oily quickly because of its fine texture. I have found that the best way to manage this is to wash my hair every two to three days allowing the natural oils to rebalance. I use an all natural shampoo and a light conditioner since my fine strands do not require heavy moisturizing. When my hair and scalp do get a bit dry, particularly in the winter, I remedy it by massaging warm rosemary- mint infused sweet almond oil into my scalp and ends for a deep conditioning treatment.
  • Body- Dry skin prone to eczema. I struggled constantly for many years with dry itchy skin, particularly on my legs. Come winter time, no matter how much I moisturized the itch and flaky skin would persist. That is, until I stopped using petroleum based moisturizers and washing with soap (or body wash) everyday. Just like my scalp and rebalancing its oil production, I realized that washing with soap (particularly harsh synthetic ones) were stripping my skin of all its natural oils. Now, I dry brush everyday and only wash the necessities with castile soap. I follow up by slathering coconut oil or almond oil onto by skin and using my homemade whipped body butter. I am a long distance runner and so keeping my skin hydrated and protected can be tough when exposed to the elements for long periods of time. Summer is particularly challenging with constant sun exposure so I use a mineral sun block that is perfect for my sensitive skin, yet is still sweat resistant and does not clog pores.

In summary, I struggle with sensitive skin and fine hair, focusing on natural solutions as much as possible. Both Lina and I will continue to profile our unique needs, and share collaborative successes in our ongoing quest for clean beauty. Stay tuned!

– Seanna

Skin, Hair & Body Profile – Lina

31 Jan

At last! Seanna and I are compiling our individual skin and body profiles.

When it comes to our physical appearance, we are very different; Seanna is fair, with sensitive skin and naturally straight hair, while I’m olive-toned with wavy hair and oily skin. Needless to say, our makeup selections vary in colour palettes and we often modify each other’s beauty recipes. Sometimes, we even take completely different approaches to skincare altogether.

Here’s my profile at a glance:

Lina Skin Profile

Lina’s Skin Profile

  • Face – Oily- combination skin with occasional bouts of acne. My skin is usually well hydrated yet deceptively looks dull, especially in the winter months. When I’m not watching what I eat, I also tend to break-out around my mouth and the sides of my nose. I find customizing a gluten-free, raw diet coupled with lots of juicing particularly helps in these situations. When I have not seen the sun in a while, my skin tone often becomes uneven. Stress also causes ill-effects on my complexion, contributing to loss of pigmentation and dark circles under my eyes. Even though I don’t have sensitive skin, I only use hypoallergenic, natural products like witch hazel and coconut oil. Officially, my olive features lie on the cusp between dark and light-skinned pigmentation, also known as a Type IV on Fitzpatrick scale.
  • Hair – Dry and wavy with an oily scalp. My hair is naturally wavy, yet dry, and is prone to being dull. At the moment, my biggest challenge is finding a natural shampoo that thoroughly cleanses my greasy locks without compromising shine. I use apple cider vinegar (ACV) as a clarifying treatment in the shower and argon oil as a hair mask once a week. This regimen I believe, is balancing the pH level of my hair. I don’t usually get dandruff but I sometimes I shed a little too much for comfort!
  • Body and General Health – Tall, pear-shape and in relatively good health.  I consider the skin on my body to be oily with exception to some dry areas on my legs that appear in the winter. At times I also get acne on my back which is usually triggered by stress and/or bad diet. I have been categorized as “pear-shape” with narrower shoulders, measuring in at 175 cm (5’9”) since my last check- up 😉 My curvy image used to bother me throughout my younger years until I learned to just embrace my body. Now, my sole goal is to be healthy – I would even say that I feel better now than I did in high school. I still lack the motivation for regular work outs and often find myself requiring lots of sleep in order to avoid fatigue by 6pm… but maybe that’s everyone.

Generally speaking, if you tan easily and rarely burn like me, we probably share make-up and skincare needs.

Stay tuned for Seanna’s profile next!

– Lina

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