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Bringing the Spa Home

10 Jan

What’s keeping you from staying in tonight? Work? Errands? Dinner plans? Well forget all of that for one night, invite a friend over and relaaaaax.

Lina and I love this little ritual. Amidst our hectic schedules, it’s amazing how easy (and cheap) it can be to find a little zen.

A couple evenings ago, we put on some Ella Fitzgerald and steeped a pot of Rouge Provence made by Sloane Tea Company and enjoyed some of life’s simplest luxuries. Really- what could be more luxurious than a tea made of rosehip, rose petals, lavender and currents? Sloane teas are individually sourced, processed using centuries old artisanal techniques and custom blended by their team of tea sommeliers. If that isn’t luxurious enough, they come packaged in the loveliest tins- reminiscent of boudoir perfume containers.

Rouge Provence, Sloan Tea Company

Also incorporated into our ritual of tea drinking and jazz is always a face mask. There are many fantastic homemade face masks that are simple to make such as the gentle exfoliating oatmeal Bombay Cleanser or the soothing Red Wine Facial. For occasions like this though, or when we want to treat ourselves, we buy a fresh face mask from Lush. Now, I have a bit of a love/hate relationship with Lush. For one, I cannot enter the store without almost fainting from the scent. Many of Lush products are not 100% natural and often cause problems with individuals with allergies- especially ones with sensitivity to fragrance.

I have always loved Lush’s face masks, however, which use fresh ingredients and must be stored in the fridge. This time I bought BB Seaweed, made of mineral rich seaweed and anti-inflammatory rose absolute, it exfoliates with almond meal, while moisturizing with olive oil and leaves skin feeling soft and naturally nourished. If you are looking for a mask that is tightening and toning, Ayesha is also a favourite. Made of vitamin C -rich kiwi, astringent witch hazel, and calming honey, this face mask soothingly cleanses and brightens dull and tired looking skin.


Lush BB Seaweed face mask

So the secret’s out- that is, how we survive the crazy work weeks and get pampered without even leaving the house. 😉

I encourage you to discover your own little luxuries and stay in tonight!


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