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Whole Living: A Day at the Expo

13 Nov

This past weekend was the Whole Life Expo at the Metro Toronto Convention Centre.  From November 9 -11, this venue was flooded with holistic health vendors showcasing everything from the newest skincare line to green solutions for the home.

I was extremely excited to attend partly because I LOVE expos (something about the endless rows of vendors and free samples), and partly because they are the best places to discover new trends and products. It usually happens that JUST when I thought I knew about everything available to me in this city, I leave delightfully surprised with the discovery of a new local retailer or service provider.

This was certainly the case on Saturday, and for those of you who did not attend (and for those of you who did), I want to share my experience:

Skin Essence Organics

I came across the Skin Essence Organics table with no previous knowledge of the company. David Brooke, one of the company’s partners, gave me a short product demo and I was immediately hooked! Certified organic, fair trade, and cold pressed (completely raw), the products are comprised of rich oils and pure plant extracts that left my skin feeling nothing short of amazing. No amount of diamond dust or gold leaf found in luxury skin creams can compare to the pure nourishing effects of natural oils. I cannot wait to share more with you about this locally produced skincare line!

Skin Essence Organics moisturizer line

Tranzitions Salon

An organic and vegan hair salon… what a concept! We spend so much time ensuring that our personal shampoos and conditioners are chemical free, but what about the products our hair stylists use? When I came across Tranzitions Salon, I was so delighted to see that such places exist! All of their products (including hair dye) are sulfate free, ammonia free, plastics/phthalates free, and paraben free. Now I am on a search to find all organic salons in the city, preferable one that is closer to home. After all, natural beauty does not mean sacrificing good haircare!

Tranzitions Salon

Joy McCarthy Lecture- Natural Beauty From the Inside Out

This is the second time that I have heard Joy McCarthy speak and it is always a pleasure. Joy is a Holistic Nutritionist and promotes health through the nourishing powers of whole foods via lectures, workshops and private consultations. During her lecture, she discussed the importance of foods in the maintenance of good skin health. Believe it or not, lotions and potions can only do so much to keep us looking beautiful; it is also the foods that we put into our bodies that affect how our skin looks and feels. My absolute favourite foods for glowing skin are those that contain omega 3-fatty acids. Found in foods like wild salmon and dark leafy greens (yes! kale and spinach are excellent sources of omega 3s!), omega 3-fatty acids have amazing anti-inflammatory properties and moisturize the body from the inside out.

That wraps up my overview of the Whole Life Expo 2012. I hope that you had a chance to check it out and I would love to hear about your own experiences!

– Seanna

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