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Hair Care: Graydon, Clinical Luxury By Nature

6 Nov

Let’s talk hair. Since transitioning to an all natural beauty routine a few years ago, finding the right shampoos, conditioners, and styling products has been tough! Frankly, of all the products that I use, shampoo has been the one that causes me the most grief. It’s the lather–or rather lack of, that causes this. You see, as much as I despise  Sodium Laureth/Lauryl Sulphite (SLES/SLS) in my toothpaste and soap, I kind of miss the frothy lather that it adds to shampoo (I know, the natural beauty police are going to hunt me down!) That said, my SLS days are over; instead, I continually seek out effective shampoos and keep my head shaved in the meantime (I joke, of course).

When I heard about Graydon products, which are made right here in Toronto, I had my fingers crossed.


All Over Soap: For those who feel that shampoo or soap is one product too many to use in the morning (and yes, I am judging), than this product is for you! It is also perfect for anyone who wants to simplify their routine, or just loves the smell and wants to use it from head to toe! The scent is pretty incredible. It contains rosemary, grapefruit, and citrus extract, as well as a special blend of essential oils (undisclosed). The All Over Soap is very clarifying, which I attribute to the grapefruit and rosemary extracts, and left my hair feeling squeaky clean without feeling stripped (note: 100% safe for coloured hair). I wouldn’t recommend this as a shampoo for those who want more mositure. However, as a soap I think it is perfect for everyone since it is SLS free and uses a coconut based cleansing ingredient which makes it very gentle and non-drying (this is coming from someone who is VERY familiar with dry, itchy skin). As for the lather, not bad. In fact it lathered pretty well with the right shampoo- to- water ratio.

Hair Smoothie: This conditioner + detangler is a product that has held my interest since founder, Graydon, announced that she was using broccoli seed oil as an ingredient. I didn’t even know that broccoli seed oil was a thing (and I like to pride myself on this sort of knowledge). It turns out that broccoli seed oil is a marvellous ingredient, especially for hair products. It is full of fatty acids and antioxidants; a light- weight, easily absorbable moisturizer which acts similar to silicone. Incredible news (!) since silicone (or siloxane) is on the beauty blacklist and is prevalent in so many products; anything from hair serums to deodorants.

The Hair Smoothie as a conditioner worked really well for me. My hair is quite fine and so a lighter conditioner is just what I need. If you have coarse, dry hair, you may want something richer, but I definitely recommend it as a detangler and leave- in- conditioner. I tried a small amount to smooth my dry ends and it left my hair feeling soft and manageable.

You can find Graydon products at a number of stores in Toronto like The Big Carrot and Husk, or check out the website.


The Hair Smoothie is non-greasy and leaves a dry finish.

Have you tried the All Over Soap, Hair Smoothie, or any other Graydon products? Let me know what think!

– Seanna

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