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Inside Seanna’s Makeup Bag (Spring Edition)

9 Apr

I often wonder how other modern-day women keep themselves looking “flirty and fresh” and will always jump at the chance to swap beauty secrets. . . or even take a peek in their makeup bags!

In the spirit of sharing, here’s a glance at mine:


Sparse, right? Well, for someone who claims to love cosmetics and makeup trends as I do, I like to keep it simple –particularly as the weather gets warm.

Just like a closet, it’s important to clean up our makeup bags and change as the seasons do. For two reasons: first, who wants to be lugging around last season’s colours?  Secondly, makeup expires and collects bacteria! Ditch the old and while you are at it, clean those makeup brushes! Not sure how long to keep your makeup? Check out makeup expiration dates here.

So, perhaps the best kept secret is to maintain a tidy makeup bag; ensuring you are only keeping the essentials handy, all the while lightening your load. I like to choose one or two hot seasonal looks and go with it.

My inspiration this spring is a natural, almost bare, makeup look with bold lips and a dewy finish.

(Top left going counter clockwise)

Pure and Simple All Natural Sunscreen, SPF 30 for sensitive skin– A great micronized mineral sun block with zinc oxide and titanium dioxide that act as a physical barrier to the sun’s rays. It dries matte, does not leave a white residue (thanks to the micronization of minerals), and can be worn easily under makeup. This formula also contains chamomile to soothe any skin irritations.

Eminence Tinted Moisturizer, Vanilla Latte– This tinted moisturizer gives a great dewy look with just a hint of colour, which works well to even out the complexion. This formula contains SPF 25 which I wear in addition to my SPF 30. It might sound like overkill, but the actual amount of suncreen, or a product with an SPF, that we apply onto our skin is not usually the recommended amount which was used when the manufacturer was calculating  the SPF factor. The amount of tinted moisturizer I actually wear (which is one or two pumps) gives me sun coverage for a lot less time than what is expected out of an SPF 25.

100% Pure Fruit pigmented mascara, Black Tea-Lately I have been all about bare eyes with just a coat of mascara. This one is great for just that, and is ultra lengthening.

RMS Un-Cover Up, #11-This product has been all the rage lately and Rose- Marie Swift, its founder, has gained quite the following. All with good reason. The creamy texture, made with coconut oil is perfect to hide dark circles or blemishes without a chalky or dry look. It covers well, blends beautifully, and moisturizes-  all without covering up the skin’s natural appearance.

RMS Lip2Cheek,Smile’– I love any product that lets me multitask. I pat this lovely pink/coral colour on my cheeks (with my fingers!) and dab it on my lips at the same time. Like the Un-Cover Up, it is made with coconut oil and is ultra moisturizing. Since it is so creamy, the pigment is quite subtle but still leaves a rosy glow.

Bite Beauty Luminous Cream Lipstick, custom colour– Bite is a fantastic Toronto company and is sold exclusively at Sephora. It makes highly pigmented lipsticks (and glosses!) that are so creamy and moisturizing. . . see the theme here? This colour is ‘White Zinfandel’, a bold pink/magenta, which was custom blended by Bite at its Sephora launch.

Eco Tools makeup brushes- I regularly use the concealer and foundation brushes to blend in my ‘Un-Cover Up’. The bristles are made of synthetic taklon and have handles made of bamboo and recycled aluminum ferrules. They are high performing and super soft!

Bite Beauty Superfruit Butter Acai Lip Treatment– To keep my lips soft and conditioned, I apply this treatment before my lipstick. I also always have my own lip butter on hand.

Ilia Illuminator, Polka Dot & Moonbeams (Not pictured here)– This easy- to- apply stick is great for a quick luminous glow. I swipe this over my cheek bones, dab a little on my brow bones, and a bit in the corners of my eyes.

As you can see, it’s no secret – I keep my makeup bag trim by using multi-purpose products. I love anything that saves time and space. I also love products that are ultra moisturizing and give me a radiant glow, with a bold pop of colour on my lips!

Happy Spring Cleaning!

– Seanna

Lina’s Eco-chic Makeup Bag

19 Jan

Hi Beauties!

As some of you have read, my recent clean beauty endeavours have centred on a green skincare routine that features DIY cleansers, fresh juice to beautify internally, and my secret weapon – the Clarisonic. In order to further enhance my natural features in a safe and effective way, I have also replaced the majority of my cosmetics with non-toxic alternatives.

So here’s a moment of truth – the current contents of my makeup bag:


Lina’s Eco-chic Make-up Bag

Top Row – Left to Right

DIY Lip and Skin Balm – I customized this homemade, multipurpose cream for use on my entire face which includes key ingredients like coconut oil and shea butter that are ideal for my skin type. You can also add a little beeswax if you prefer a firmer texture.

Ilia Lipstick: Both Seanna and I have discussed our successes with the Ilia brand of lipstick, which remains my favourite in comparison to some of it’s more affordable counterparts. I’m still wearing the colour in “Femme Fatale”.

The Healthy Deodorant: Tossing my aluminum-based antiperspirants for this solid-stick by Lavanila was sheer genius. Despite it’s hefty price tag, I love the vanilla-lavender scent and its superior protection throughout the entire day. Plus the packaging is cute 😉

Eminence Tinted Moisturizer in Caramel Latte: Another O&P rave that we highly recommend, especially in the winter months when the last thing you want to add to your AM make-up routine is sunscreen.

Herban Essentials Towelette: These wipes sanitize, moisturize, and disinfect with the use of natural oils! I personally use the eucalyptus towelette to freshen up after yoga but, as you can see, the possibilities are endless: http://www.herbanessentials.com/product/Eucalyptus

10ml Lime Pure Essential Oil by Edens Garden: Perhaps my greatest greenbeauty achievement – swapping travel-size perfume bottles for pocket-size essential oils! My hubby got me this beautiful set over the holidays, and I instantly fell in love with the idea. The tiny bottles are colourful and compact, easy to carry around and switch up whenever you’re ready for a new scent. If you can’t apply essential oil directly on your skin, you can mix a carrier oil into the fragrance of your choice instead.

Jane Iredale Shimmer Powder in “Rose Gold”/ eye- liner pencil in “Basic Black”: 24-Karat Gold Dust by Jane Iredale works great with Eminence’s Moisturizer, providing the ultimate sun-kissed glow in the dead of winter! And who could resist a classic black eye-liner that contains all ingredients that I can actually pronounce. These are must-haves.

Dead Sea Premier Buffing Block: This was my first purchase from the GRATiAE Organic Skin Care store that just opened in Toronto. The buffing block uses *pure silk* to completely remove all lines and ridges from nails, leaving them super smooth with a natural gloss and lasting shine. For me, this product is ideal because I work in an office yet often slack on painting my nails.

3 easy steps to presentable natural nails. No polish required!

3 easy steps to presentable natural nails. No polish required!

I’ll admit, there are some mainstream products not pictured above – i.e. Dior Extase mascara – that I continue to use on a regular basis, mainly because I’m still looking for a suitable replacement. However, I’m confident that I will eventually find the perfect brands and adapt the techniques of a proper holistic beauty approach…exclusively. Thanks for allowing me to reflect on some of my choices in the meantime!

And so the journey continues…

– Lina

Heating Up the Winter Blahs

27 Nov

Winter blues and winter blahs; we know them all too well. As soon as temperatures drop, our skin dries up and our complexions get pale. I can certainly attest that my fair complexion and sensitive skin are no match for old man winter!

That said, despite the bone-chilling winds and dark days, winter is the best time for glamour and is definitely my favourite season for beauty trends. The cool colours of winter are the perfect contrast to fiery red and rich burgundy, which can be adapted to suit any complexion.

So spice things up a little, wear that rouge lipstick, and go glam for winter! Here’s how:

Ilia lipstick is an organic brand established by Vancouver native Sasha Plavsic. Her concept was simple; create an organic product with the same quality as commercial brands. I love this! Ultimately, there is no need to sacrifice a hot trend or product performance in order to use the green and clean alternative. I was at the Environmental Defence Eco Beauty Market the other day and picked up Ilia’s lipstick in “Wild Child”. It’s a fantastic fiery red, perfect for the season and exactly in line with this year’s trends. Bold red lips with minimal makeup were showing everywhere on London and New York’s Autumn/Winter 2012 runways including Marc by Marc Jacobs and Zac Posen.

Ilia Lipstick in “Wild Child”

“Wild Child” Application

Marc by Marc Jacobs Fall 2012-RTW

The texture is creamy and quite moisturizing –something that is extremely important for me especially in the winter when my lips get very chapped. The moisturizing component is attributed to jojoba, sunflower, sesame and castor oil, which make up the lipstick’s main ingredients.

The colour is highly pigmented, which is great for impact but can be a bit messy. The colour stains clothing quite easily and will appear on every cup that you use. (Thank goodness it’s organic!) The good news though, is the deep pigment can create a long lasting lip stain. So if you are worried about leaving a lipstick trail, you can create a stain instead by applying a coat on bare lips, blotting with a tissue, then repeat.

Another colour that is showing up everywhere this season is oxblood – it’s not really the blood of an ox, but it is vampire inspired and meant to channel that inner vixen. And great news, Ilia carries the perfect colour in line with this trend and is appropriately named “Femme Fatal”.

Oxblood lip colour is great for both fair and dark complexions and just like the fiery reds is best worn with minimal makeup. If you have fair skin like me, I recommend a light sweep of blush on the cheekbones since this colour can easily wash you out. If you are new to such a dark, rich colour, try dabbing a bit on your lips first for a softer look.

Ilia Lipstick in “Femme Fatale”

So go channel that inner vixen and fight the winter blues with fire and oxblood!

– Seanna

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