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Hands Off!

10 Oct


“It is estimated that the average person touches their face between 3-5 times a minute.”

We all do it: stare at ourselves two inches away from the mirror, fussing and picking at blemishes, wrinkles, or whatever we find. Enough is enough. I am taking a hands off pledge, and I hope that you will join me!

By taking a pledge to not touch your face, you are accomplishing two things. First and foremost, you prevent disrupting the skin, which causes inflammation and introduces bacteria. You know what that means? Reddness, blemishes, and clogged pores. Secondly, you spend less time with your face pressed up to the mirror agonizing over what you deem to be less-than perfect skin.

Leave it be. Over time you will find that your skin actually improves because it is not being bombarded by your sticky fingers. You may also find that you will come to accept the imperfections because you don’t have them under a magnifying glass. I don’t always condone the phrase “what you don’t know can’t hurt you”, but in this case, I must agree. Leave the magnifying glass and bright lights to your esthetician and learn to embrace that beautiful face !

Take the hands off pledge and let me know how it goes!

– Seanna

Clash of the Eco-Deodorants: Soapwalla vs. Leaves of Trees

7 Jul

Poor deodorant. . . we put such pressure on this small odour battling- perspirant fighter; always cursing it and blaming it for foul body odour when it fails us at our best and worst of times.

Good news though! We put some eco-deorodant titans to the test which we consider superior to some others we have tried. Here’s a look at their strengths and some of their weaknesses.

Soapwalla Deodorant Cream

Soapwalla Deodorant Cream

Soapwalla Deodorant Cream

Lina:  I’ve had my fair share of trial and error with eco deos. I’ve tried products that are homemade, high-end, scented, and unscented only to result in utter disappointment. My main concerns are application and effectiveness. I want a no-fuss product that keeps me dry without having to re-apply halfway through the day. I also prefer a fresh scent but not overpowering to the point where it’s basically perfume. Until now, soapwalla is the only product that has risen to the occasion, with its high-end appeal in an adorable little blue box. The instructions recommend stiring the pot before use in order to combine the natural agents that may have separated. I instantly noticed its gritty texture that felt rich and substantial between my fingers. At first, application was a bit awkward because you had to literally rub the solution into your hands before applying to the underarms. While I typically prefer a stick over a cream for this very reason, the formula was relatively easy to apply and didn’t leave a sloppy mess on my hands. I did have one major setback: the deodorant initially caused some discoloration on my underarms. After my first few tries, I noticed a reddish brown rash-like patch where I had applied the cream but there was no itchiness or irritation. After using it a few more times, the pigmentation returned to normal and hasn’t returned since. . . strange indeed! Ultimately, this product is highly-absorbent and left me feeling super fresh all day long. I’m actually still in denial that I have found a natural deodorant that works!

Shown here: Lavender Tangerine Deodorant

Shown here: Lavender Tangerine Deodorant

Leaves of Trees Deodorant

Seanna: On a recent trip to the Eco- Beauty Market, hosted by Environmental Defence, I came across this lovely brand which specializes in argan oil products. The lotions and the lip balms all smell and feel divine, but what really attracted me to the booth that day was the deodorant (unfortunately this product is so new that it is not yet on their website).

Ever since trying Soapwalla I was on the hunt to find other deodorant creams to see how well they stood up to the competition. On first impression, I really loved that the Leaves of Trees deodorant came in a tube (unlike many that are packaged in a jar). It comes in two scents, Lavender Tangerine and Eucalyptus Mint. Both smell amazing, but I love the latter, which smells so fresh and reminds me of the spa. The texture is soft and creamy just like a moisturizer –but no surprise there since it is based on the same formula as the argan hand and body lotion. Even though it is extremely moisturizing, it does leave a slight white residue and the soft texture can get messy. . . I have accidentally smeared it all over my shirt (apparently it’s best to apply before you put on your clothing). All in all, I quite like the Leaves of Tress deodorant. I don’t normally perspire too heavily (outside of the gym and job interviews) and it has not failed me yet. It doesn’t always keep me dry (I must give that one to Soapwalla), but in terms of smell, it keeps me just as fresh and leaves no skin irritation or discolouration –a big bonus for someone with sensitive skin.

The Verdict: Choosing a victor between these two was harder than we had anticipated considering we have our own preferences centred on our individual beauty needs, i.e. Lina prefers Soapwalla for its staying power, while Seanna is happiest with the texture of Leaves of Trees.  While there is no clear winner, we both agree that deodorant creams are definitely the best option over deodorant sticks. After all, they let us work up a sweat without fear of losing friends.

But let us know your own experiences and what you think!

– Lina & Seanna

Relearning Beauty, Naturally

28 Jun

“This April marked two years since I first embarked on a quest to discover natural solutions to my daily beauty routine. Concern for my skin and the products that I was using arose out of desperation and, quite frankly, vanity. You see, at the mature age of 25 I suddenly began to experience terrible bouts of acne. Whether the cause was a hormonal fluctuation or my skin’s protest against years of suffocation by synthetic makeup, it compelled me to examine what I was applying on my skin. As a result, I came to learn – or rather, relearn – everything I thought I knew about personal care.”

Staying natural is easy, but making the transition from synthetic, toxic beauty care can be WAY harder than expected. Not only does it mean finding new products that perform like your old ones, but it also means breaking habits that we have had for years. . . some even from childhood.

In an article that I wrote for Tonic Magazine I share my own relearning process and quest to find natural beauty, so have a read, get inspired, scroll to the bottom of the article and like it, and please share!

– Seanna

Natural oils and skin brushing is sometimes all you need to take care of your skin.

Natural oils and skin brushing is sometimes all you need to take care of your skin. Argan, rosehip and tamanu are some of my favourites.

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