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Best Skincare Finds of 2012

28 Dec

n122701942_33013279_9053As 2012 comes to a close I cannot help but reflect on the past year and the new things it has brought.  Most notably, for me is my full emersion into the world of natural beauty. The change started slowly. At first I began to explore natural solutions because of specific skin woes; always fighting off dry, uneven skin, and acne break-outs that would last for weeks. I began reading about the science of skin, ingredients in commercial cosmetics, and most importantly, plants and oils that have been used in skin remedies for centuries. As I  learned more, and tested even more, I could not argue with the outstanding results from using pure and natural products on my skin.

In the spirit of giving, I want to share with you my top three skincare finds of 2012.

Pure + Simple Spa Facials

I have always enjoyed treating myself to an indulgent facial now and again. I  sometimes place these facial sessions in the same category as dental cleanings and doctor check- ups (note: I realize for some that this sounds like hell on earth). The reason I say this is because to me a good facial is a combination of a really deep clean and a check- up to ensure that everything is on the right track to take me into my later years. I need to trust my esthetician, so it  goes without saying that I have high standards when it comes to the spa that I choose.


Pure + Simple is just that; a spa that I can trust. Each facial is customized to your skin needs and the natural organic products that they use (which includes their own Pure + Simple line) are extremely gentle and nourishing. I can credit Pure + Simple to changing my perspective on skin health; realizing that hydration is the key to almost all skin ailments from acne to rosacea. Their promotion of facial oils and floral hydrosols have revolutionized my skin care routine– which is why they have made it to my top finds for 2012!

Facial Oils

In the same vein, facial oils have revolutionized my skincare regime and have changed my perception on how to treat various skin afflictions. I have believed many things promoted by commercial products, such as ‘moisturizers must be oil free to prevent clogged pores’, and ‘acne must be fought with harsh drying ingredients’. In reality pure natural oils can protect and actually help skin inflammation like acne which can be triggered by dry skin.



My favourite oil to use is rosehip, which is extracted from the seeds of rose bushes grown in the Chilean mountains. It is truly a multivitamin for your face. High in fatty acids, vitamin A and C, it is amazing for skin regeneration, pigmentation, and inflammation. I use organic, cold pressed rosehip seed oil by Skin Essence Organics. I use it both day and night immediately after cleansing and let it absorb for five minutes before I put on a moisturizer. Since I began using it, my skin’s texture and colour has significantly improved, and my skin stays supple and glowing!

Éminence Organics Tinted Moisturizer

eminence-tinted-moisturizer-reviewsLast, but not least, Éminence Tinted Moisturizer. I was searching for a product that would give me a dewy look without the cakiness of a heavy foundation. Éminence Tinted Moisturizer is the perfect solution. The texture is silky smooth and highly moisturizing, depositing just enough colour to even out my skin tone. Bonus- it also contains SPF 25 .

I wear it in Vanilla Latte which is the lightest shade and it is perfect for my fair skin. Depending on the day (or season) I wear it alone or with concealer and a little blush. For an added glow I wear it with an illuminator like Ilia’s Polka Dots & Moonbeams.

There you have it, my top three finds of 2012. I can definitely say that coming out of this year my skin is certainly happier and more radiant than it was going in! I am looking forward to what 2013 brings, and you can guarantee I will share it all with you!

What were your favourite finds of 2012?

– Seanna

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