“The most beautiful makeup for a woman is passion, but cosmetics are easier to buy.”

– Yves Saint Laurent


My name is Seanna Cohen, holistic beauty advocate and co-founder of Oceans & Potions, an online beauty resource.

From the marble counters of a Parisian parfumerie to the rainbow colours of a New York makeup boutique, I love it all. Sadly though, I cannot love the ingredients that make up these tantalizing beauty products, or the harmful effects they have on our bodies.

I aim to bring two worlds together: romanticized beauty and clean, natural products that make us all feel fabulous without the chemicals.

After years of skin sensitivities and allergies, I began to investigate ingredients in the products that I was using. Shocked at what I found, I have since sought to draw attention to the prevalence of chemicals in commercial cosmetics, empowering others to establish a healthier, more natural beauty routine.

I am here to share my personal experiences, product reviews, and recipes so that hopefully there is a little something for everyone to join me in my obsession with natural ingredients and age-old beauty rituals.

I hope to leave you with a little inspiration, and softer skin… the natural way.

xx Seanna


  • Face- Dry + sensitive skin with occasional breakoutsMy skin is a token of my Scottish/British heritage. I have a fair complexion, with slightly pink undertones and I am prone to burning and freckles.
  • Hair –Straight and fine. My hair is easy to manage; dries straight and smooth. It lacks volume however, and gets oily quickly.
  • Body- Dry skin prone to eczema. The skin on my body is naturally very dry and itchy, and needs extra protection when in the sun.

For a more detailed description, see my full profile.

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