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Lina’s Eco-chic Makeup Bag

19 Jan

Hi Beauties!

As some of you have read, my recent clean beauty endeavours have centred on a green skincare routine that features DIY cleansers, fresh juice to beautify internally, and my secret weapon – the Clarisonic. In order to further enhance my natural features in a safe and effective way, I have also replaced the majority of my cosmetics with non-toxic alternatives.

So here’s a moment of truth – the current contents of my makeup bag:


Lina’s Eco-chic Make-up Bag

Top Row – Left to Right

DIY Lip and Skin Balm – I customized this homemade, multipurpose cream for use on my entire face which includes key ingredients like coconut oil and shea butter that are ideal for my skin type. You can also add a little beeswax if you prefer a firmer texture.

Ilia Lipstick: Both Seanna and I have discussed our successes with the Ilia brand of lipstick, which remains my favourite in comparison to some of it’s more affordable counterparts. I’m still wearing the colour in “Femme Fatale”.

The Healthy Deodorant: Tossing my aluminum-based antiperspirants for this solid-stick by Lavanila was sheer genius. Despite it’s hefty price tag, I love the vanilla-lavender scent and its superior protection throughout the entire day. Plus the packaging is cute 😉

Eminence Tinted Moisturizer in Caramel Latte: Another O&P rave that we highly recommend, especially in the winter months when the last thing you want to add to your AM make-up routine is sunscreen.

Herban Essentials Towelette: These wipes sanitize, moisturize, and disinfect with the use of natural oils! I personally use the eucalyptus towelette to freshen up after yoga but, as you can see, the possibilities are endless: http://www.herbanessentials.com/product/Eucalyptus

10ml Lime Pure Essential Oil by Edens Garden: Perhaps my greatest greenbeauty achievement – swapping travel-size perfume bottles for pocket-size essential oils! My hubby got me this beautiful set over the holidays, and I instantly fell in love with the idea. The tiny bottles are colourful and compact, easy to carry around and switch up whenever you’re ready for a new scent. If you can’t apply essential oil directly on your skin, you can mix a carrier oil into the fragrance of your choice instead.

Jane Iredale Shimmer Powder in “Rose Gold”/ eye- liner pencil in “Basic Black”: 24-Karat Gold Dust by Jane Iredale works great with Eminence’s Moisturizer, providing the ultimate sun-kissed glow in the dead of winter! And who could resist a classic black eye-liner that contains all ingredients that I can actually pronounce. These are must-haves.

Dead Sea Premier Buffing Block: This was my first purchase from the GRATiAE Organic Skin Care store that just opened in Toronto. The buffing block uses *pure silk* to completely remove all lines and ridges from nails, leaving them super smooth with a natural gloss and lasting shine. For me, this product is ideal because I work in an office yet often slack on painting my nails.

3 easy steps to presentable natural nails. No polish required!

3 easy steps to presentable natural nails. No polish required!

I’ll admit, there are some mainstream products not pictured above – i.e. Dior Extase mascara – that I continue to use on a regular basis, mainly because I’m still looking for a suitable replacement. However, I’m confident that I will eventually find the perfect brands and adapt the techniques of a proper holistic beauty approach…exclusively. Thanks for allowing me to reflect on some of my choices in the meantime!

And so the journey continues…

– Lina

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