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Trade Secrets from the Caribbean

15 Nov

Hola! Last week, I was lucky enough to celebrate my 28th birthday eating coconuts in the Dominican sun!!

Having been on a juicing kick recently, I was curious about the other kinds of produce that were available in this part of the world. I ended up frequenting a juice bar which featured an array of local fruits and ultimately scored my chance to indulge in the freshly-squeezed, vitamin-rich delicacies that this country has to offer.

Juice Bar – Riu Merengue


While these exotic cocktails did wonders for my oily skin, they could only go so far in terms of protection against the harmful effects of the sun. I brought along some relatively clean beauty products that would allow me to work on my tan while keeping my skin hydrated and supple (as naturally as possible).  Additional goodies in my beauty regime included: a non-irritating, non-comedogenic sun lotion by Aveeno which minimizes oil buildup that clogs pores, L’OREAL’s Ever Pure sulphate-free leave-in treatment to prevent UV damage to my locks, and “Karma”, a classic, gently-cleansing soap from Lush Cosmetics. Okay, these  items are not hypo-allergenic, or fragrance-free; however, I find they effectively care for your complexion throughout extensive exposure to the sun. They are also widespread and transitional, easily accessible any time of year regardless of when you choose to embark on your tropical getaway.

Organic juicing, along with some sea-salt, sunblock, and lots of Vitamin D allowed me to *safely* achieve the sun-kissed glow my body desperately needed 😀

Early Morning Juicing in the Dominican Republic sans makeup… Eek!

Hope you’re enjoying your week!

– Lina

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